5Pack Women’s Multi Performance Cushion Hiking/Outdoor Crew Socks Year Round

  • Cotton77%,Spandex14%,Polyester2%,Polyurethan7%
  • Small size fits Women shoe size6-8US, 230mm-250mm Asia, Medium size fits Women shoe size 8-10,Men shoe size7-9 US,250mm-270mm Asia
  • Midweight extra pile cusion padding in the heel and ball protect the foot from shear and prevent painful blisters.
  • Moisture wicking,anti-bacterial. Ideal for outdoor sports,Camping and hiking,climbing,trekking,outdoor trail,1000mile running,walking socks
  • The Y- Heel Tab Helps With Slipping Your Socks On and Off. Great elasticity and stay up-compressed top holds the sock securely on the calf. Made in Korea

Much like your footwear, the socks you wear on the hiking trail can also have a significant effect on your comfort. Clinically-tested padded hiking socks, with padding uniquely designed and clinically shown to reduce pain, blisters, pressures and moisture. The socks is designed to make moisture away from the body keeping your feet and dry. Arch support-elasticity : This minimizes friction and supports the arch of your foot. Compression top holds the sock securely on the calf. Ideal for outdoor s

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No, Donald Trump, The Clinton Foundation Should Not Shut Down

Since Monday, Donald Trump and his campaign surrogates have issued a series of statements demanding that the Clinton Foundation close its doors, and return its donations. In addition to drawing blood from his political rival, Trump’s latest cry for attention perfectly fits into his narrative of a rigged political system shortchanging real Americans. To most Americans following this election cycle, the Clinton Foundation has represented an enigma onto which pundits can express their love, hatred, or ambivalence towards Hillary Clinton. But as a medical student who has extensively researched global health issues, it is clear to me that this organization deserves a more meaningful conversation, weighing the impact it has on the millions of lives it helps everyday against its tangible shortcomings.

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Preimplantation genetic screening using next generation sequencing: an interview with Dr Luis Alcaraz

PGS, Preimplantation Genetic Screening, is a genetic test that analyses biopsied cells from embryos produced by in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques. PGS determines whether the embryos are chromosomally normal (euploid) or not (aneuploid), thus giving the chance to transfer chromosomally normal embryos that are more apt to successfully implant and develop into a pregnancy.
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Prince’s Home Paisley Park Will Open for Public Viewing This Fall – E! Online

E! Online
Prince's Home Paisley Park Will Open for Public Viewing This Fall
E! Online
Fans around the globe will soon be able to get an up-close and personal glimpse inside Prince's private life in a whole new way. The late singer's massive Minneapolis compound, Paisley Park, will soon be open to the public for viewing, his estate
Prince's Paisley Park to Open for Public ToursRollingStone.com
Prince Estate: Paisley Park to open for daily paid public tours in fallUSA TODAY
Prince's Paisley Park to Open for Public Tours This FallBillboard
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