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Climb Credit Wants To Change The Way People Think About The Value Of Higher Education

It isn’t exactly a secret that an entire generation of Americans is saddled under a mountain of student loan debt . At this point, t’s not even a question of solving the problem, so much as not making it any worse. And for that, there’s people like Zander Rafael and Amit Sinha, who started thinking about how to do
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Scientists Develop Blood Test That Spots Tumor-Derived DNA in People With Early-Stage Cancers

In a bid to detect cancers early and in a noninvasive way, scientists at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center report they have developed a test that spots tiny amounts of cancer-specific DNA in blood and have used it to accurately identify more than half of 138 people with relatively early-stage colorectal, breast, lung and ovarian cancers. The test, the scientists say, is novel in that it can distinguish between DNA shed from tumors and other altered DNA that can be mistaken for cancer biomarkers. read more