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This App Is Fighting America's Saving Epidemic, One User At A Time

What would you do with an extra $ 300 dollars per year? $ 500? $ 1,000? For many Americans, this question is nothing more than a hypothetical. They’ll never see an extra $ 500 a year, because saving is hard . And for many it’s becoming more and more of an afterthought. Just Google “American’s aren’t saving” and you’ll
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Stay Safe This Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is almost here, and many people are getting ready to revel in the red, white and blue. The holiday is often filled with barbecues, firework displays and patriotic pride, but, for some families, the celebration ends at the hospital. “Fourth of July is a time to celebrate, and it’s important to take time to do so, but it is important to keep safety in mind so you can avoid a trip to the Emergency Department,” says Susan Peterson, M.D., associate medical director for patient safety and quality in the Department of Emergency Medicine. read more